You don’t have to pay royalties for using Ghana @60 logo – Committee

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The Planning Committee for the Ghana @60 independence celebrations has called on all Ghanaians in the creative industry to make use of the official logo for the anniversary without having to worry about paying royalties.

This was announced at the official unveiling ceremony of the anniversary cloth.

The cloth produced by Printex, a leading textile manufacturer in Ghana, comes in four colours white, ivory, blue, and green.

The cloth has embossed in it the Sankofa and Gye Nyame symbols as well as the red, gold and green national colours with the Black Star in isolated display in each piece.

What’s more visible is the 60th anniversary logo embossed in each.

Printex is the first to come out with the Ghana@60 but the chairman of a subcommittee on the Ghana @60 board, Lord Commey announced at the unveiling `committee any Ghanaian who so wishes can produce a cloth, T. Shirt and any paraphernalia for that matter, using the logo withought having to pay royalties.

Printex manufactures an amazing assortment of colorful fabrics that are sold in the country and the Sub-Saharan region. According to the committee, the wholesale price for the cloth is GHS220 with the retail price pegged at GHS240.