[VIDEO] State of Accra Psychiatric Hospital: Mahama taken out of context – Bampoe

Deputy Minister for Health, Dr. Victor Asare Bampoe has said that President Mahama’s comments on the situation at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has been misrepresented and misconstrued.

Nurses at the Psychiatric Hospital Monday began a strike action distancing themselves from what they call “dangerous zones” at the facility.

The action, they said, was taken “following several fruitless attempts by the leadership of the nurses to get a lasting solution to the problems that has persisted for years, exposing patients and staff to high risk of infection, and which have become a major source of aggression towards staff and other patients.”

President Mahama is reported to have said in an interview with Sunrise Radio that he was unaware of the situation at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

But the Deputy Health Minister says the President’s statement was a direct response to a question on the strike action and not the poor situation at the hospital.

“The question that was asked was very specific and it is not surprising that he didn’t know about the strike because he was out there. He then talked about the challenges so he clearly demonstrated that he is aware of the general challenges.”

“…The President has a Minister and a deputy Minister who have been put there to fix problems. It is not every challenge that we run to the President in real time with. There is division of labour so when something happens today, it doesn’t mean that he will get to know about it today if his Minister is in place to fix the problem,” Dr. Bampoe explained at a media briefing Wednesday.

Watch Dr. Bampoe’s comments below: