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‘Shocked Samia minding her own business now’ – @ivorGreenstreet

The 2016 flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet insists he has no qualms with Samia, daughter of Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

In January, the two-were locked in a heated party primaries which also had Bright Akwetey and Joseph Agyapong contesting for the mandate to represent the CPP as presidential candidate in the November 7 polls. Greenstreet won.

After the declaration of results, a disappointed Samia Nkrumah decried vote buying in the polls, accusing Mr. Ivor Greenstreet of bribing delegates with some GHS200 and GHS500 to secure his victory in the party’s presidential primaries.

The former CPP chairperson is said not to be in good terms with Greenstreet who once served her as the party’s General Secretary.

“Nothing is wrong between us. I called her [for my birthday]. We had a nice chat. She is Jomoro having her parliamentary [campaign] activity. I think if she was around, she would have come. I can guarantee that…,” Greenstreet who marked his 50th birthday last week explained in an interview with Kafui Dey and Baisiwa Dowuona-Hammond on GH Today Monday.

“I wouldn’t say she is supporting me 100%. She is minding her own business in her constituency and psychologically, I guess that is how she is coping with. I have had a good working relationship with her when I was a secretary,” he added.

Mr. Greenstreet then went on to open up on how he won over delegates in a plot to ‘shock’ the former Jomoro MP in the CPP primaries.

“When we went out for the campaign, we adopted an approach. I had been secretary for all these years [and] it’s an internal party affair not an external election like the upcoming general elections. Internally within the party, those who come and vote are all constituency executives, all regional executives and some national officers…

“Because I had worked with and been close to them [delegates] all these years, when I went to see them [in my campaign], I told them this is what I want to do, what do you think? They said Green, don’t worry at all. We know what we are coming to do. What we want to do is to prepare the ambulance and oxygen for madam [Samia Nkrumah] because when we get to Trade Fair site we have to come with it. I knew what was going to happen.

“If I was the one that suffered the kind of shock that was delivered to them [Samia and her camp], I definitely would also take some time to get over it. It’s not easy entering into such elections…,” Ivor Greenstreet stated.

Mr. Greenstreet was elected flagbearer of the CPP after amassing 1288 votes as against closest contender Samia Nkrumah’s 579.


Source: ghonetv.com/Ghana

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