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Rejection of new voters’ register: EC must be prepared to bear the heat – NPP

Director of Elections for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah, has said the rejection of calls for a new voters’ register by the Electoral Commission (EC) is not surprising because all their actions pointed to the fact they (EC) were not ready for one.

However, he has cautioned the EC to be prepared for the heat that will accompany the decision they’ve taken.

“Deliberately, when you (referring to the Chairperson of the EC, Charlotte Osei) are doing the planned election activities for the year, you managed to think of a possible run-off of the election but the register that you are going to use for the election, you never made room for the budget of a new voters register but you managed to project for a possible a run-off. All these happened three weeks to the final report.”

“Why didn’t you make room for a possible new voters’ register? At no point was the EC ready for a new voters’ register. So, if you look at what has happened so far – both the approach and the actual work and where we are, it is not surprising,” he said in an interview with Fiifi Banson on Kasapa 102.3 FM Monday.

The EC on the eve of the New Year, announced the outright rejection of the call for a new voters’ register, noting that the argument for the call was not convincing.

Instead, the Commission said it “will continue to engage stakeholders to ensure that a clean and credible voters’ register is in place for the 2016 general elections through an inclusive and collaborative audit process.”

But Mr. Korsah said what is more worrying was the failure on the part of the EC to give details as to how they are going to clean the current voters’ register which the NPP and some other political parties as well as civil society organizations are contending is bloated.

“So, how are you going to do the so called cleaning that you are talking about ten months to elections, you are joking. You want to take this country for a ride and if we are not careful, you will take us into a ditch and nobody returns.”

“This is very dangerous. If this is the very voters register that they have decided to use for the general elections – then they will get what they want. I don’t see the point.”

He said the party would in the coming days announce to Ghanaians about their stance on the position taken by the EC as far as the call for a new voters’ register is concerned.

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