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Benches greet pregnant women at Tema General Hospital

Pregnant women who access healthcare at the Tema General Hospital have expressed frustration over the poor facilities they are greeted with when they go to the hospital.

The women who say there are not enough beds in the wards told Accra based Citi FM while on admission, they have had to use benches as beds or sleep on the floor for days as they await their turn to be assigned a bed even in circumstances where they may have been having contractions or other complications.

“I sat on a bench while on a drip two hours before I was sent to the theater” said a patient.

Another woman who had the comfort of the hospital bed complained the wards were too small to accommodate many.

According to her, she was uncomfortable with seeing omen in labour suffering in “such discomfort”

“A woman had to cope with sleeping on a bench for the three days before she was given a bed”.

Others have complained about the facility being filled with mosquitoes while others said the washroom are unhygienic.

Source: ghonetv.com/Ghana

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