Rawlings telling one too many lies – Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has called out former president Jerry John Rawlings on what he says are “untrue concoctions” about him.

Mr. Rawlings in a recent interview with the Guardian Newspaper of Nigeria suggested that Kufuor was part of a delegation sent to Zimbabwe to convince President Robert Mugabe to recuse his seat for a new leader.

I do recall that when Bush and Blair made their presence felt, like ‘this is going to be a new world order under our leadership’, I think they attempted to crack a whip on Africa because ‘things are not going well on this black continent either.’ President Mugabe was to be their first victim, if you remember. His name was the one poisoned the most. Two people were sent down there to go and ask him to get out of office: Obasanjo and Kufuor, who were then in office. The Southern Region leadership told them to get out. Fantastic, beautiful!”

A statement from former President Kufuor’s office has however denied Rawlings’ claims.

”It beats one’s understanding that such an untrue narrative could be concocted,” the statement read.

The statement said President Kufuor is confused about the motivation his senior statesman would have had to make such erroneous remark when a fact check could reveal Thabo Mbeki of South Africa was the one who embarked on the trip with Obasanjo.

“I was never part of such an endeavor, and it is disappointing that Former President Rawlings, who must know the facts, will add my name to it after all these years.

“…At the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in Nigeria in 2003, the Heads of State were concerned about the heightened political tension in Zimbabwe following the government’s decree to seize white lands for blacks, and requested some of the leaders gathered to intervene to help calm tempers. Former Presidents Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Obasanjo of Nigeria volunteered to go on the mission,” “the statement clarified.

He called on Mr. Rawling to desist from making untrue comments about him and his person.

The statement further denied assertions made by Rawlings that Ghana was a “captive state” that was “whitewashed” by western media and governments under Kufuors’ tenure.

“Not too long after I left office, I was giving a talk in Tanzanian and I said the world was going to see an exponential growth of terrorism. I had left office and the western media and western governments were desperately whitewashing the image of Ghana in spite of the atrocities and the corruption that was going on in my country after we had left office.

“Ghana had become a captive state, being whitewashed. You see how they orchestrate things? This is what I want you to wake up to. Now, it might interest you to know that, while they were whitewashing, making these claims and things were also falling apart, as late as just a few months ago, BBC now claims that terrorism had risen by 84%, creating a false impression at that time. This is the power of the Western media,” Rawlings told the paper.

But Kufuor’s office suggests the ex-military leader must have had his perspective warped.

“Whatever commendations his government received were worldwide and well deserved and were based on the results-oriented approach that was brought to bear on governance during his eight years at the helm of affairs of Ghana.”


Source: Ghonetv.com



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