NDC abdicated its moral high ground for Nana Addo, lost goodwill – Rawlings

Founder of the National Democratic Congress, Jerry John Rawlings has blamed John Mahama’s loss in the 2016 elections on the party’s inability to hold on to its moral high ground.

Mr Rawlings, addressing parade to mark the 35th anniversary of the uprising at the Revolutionary Square in Accra, expressed disappointment in his comrades who he has said, have drifted away from their values hence their rather heavy loss at the December 7 polls.

“It was obvious a long time ago that we wouldn’t make it. Our general negativity, impunity, disrespect, and corruption was taking us further and further downhill.

About the time when most were living in the painful reality with stress and anger, that’s when some of us chose to be more impervious to reality. We had lost so much goodwill.”

Mr Rawlings who stayed away from the party’s campaign said he is happy he would not be blamed for their failure as they have done in the past given Akufo-Addo’s disposition gives a profound statement.

“I believe this time around our people have seen through it and we will embark on the right steps to regain our moral high ground, the moral high ground that we abandoned and on which the new leader is now standing. Think about it,”