Nana Addo propagating “resource war” with Western-North region promise – Amaliba

A lawyer and member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Abraham Amaliba has described Nana Addo’s promise of creating a new region out of the Western region if voted to power as inciting resource war in the region.

According to Mr. Amaliba, the New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer is noted for spewing hate speech and has demonstrated by the promise of creating a new region that he is also the type of person who brings division among a united people.

“Nana Akuffo Addo is not only a divisive person but also a person who can be described as one who has made utterances that border on hate speech. All die be die is one” Abraham Amaliba charged on GH One TV current affairs show ‘State of Affairs.’

He added: “He has gone to western region now and is talking about giving them another region from the western region and talking about resources that belong to the northern part of the western region which are not being used to develop that area. I am saying that it a clear case of resource war that he is introducing.”

The member of the NDC legal team stated that if resources of various areas are used only to develop these areas then this country loses its nation-statehood. He emphasized that promising to create a new region base on resources available in that area is tantamount to starting a resource war.

“If we were all going to say that our resources should be used to develop our various areas, Ghana would not be a nation-state. And I am saying that those comments amount to sparking a resource war in this country. I was not therefore surprised when one of his people, Osafo Marfo, made those tribal comments in connection with resources” Mr. Amaliba told Nana Aba Anamoah.

He further stated that the failure of Nana Addo to comment on the issue implies that he approves it and has the intention of dividing the country.

“Nana Akuffo Addo did not comment on it and said that he actually sanctioned those comments, comments that had the potential of dividing this country.”

“Nana Akuffo Addo clearly cannot be compared to Prez John Mahama when it comes to likeability and that person who in this country is said to be the one who attracts people to his side.”



Source: Adjorlolo