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My music is more recognized outside Ghana – Jon Germain

Ghanaian Pop singer Jon Germain has disclosed that he gains more recognition from outside the country but he is not persuaded to relocate and pursue his music career abroad.

According to him, he still loves churning out back-to-back hits from his country of birth and is not tempted to leave for ‘greener pastures’ anywhere soon. Jon maintains he can still take his music to the world operating from Ghana.

“Even though I still get a lot of recognition outside than in Ghana, the love is still here. I am still enjoying it. I am not going anywhere” the ‘In My Head’ hit-maker said on GH One TV’s entertainment show, #RythmzLive.

Jon Germain, also a radio and TV personality who refers to himself as the ‘Supremo’ said he has always been contented doing what he believes in though people criticize him a lot for doing so. He added that mostly, people who criticize his initiatives come back to praise and even emulate him.

“I am comfortable doing what I am doing here. I have always been a kind of person who does what people say is not going to work and try to make it work. I remember when I started Smash TV 17 years ago, I used to wear sunglasses and stuff on TV and people use to complain about it now everybody does it,” Jon Germain narrated to Berla Mundi.

He added: “I always try to do stuff that in the beginning people will say ‘why is he doing that?’ and years after, people begin to appreciate.

“I mean I have gone past the times that few stations even play my songs. Now everybody plays it. Now every morning I wake up with hundreds of tweets, people in Ghana are talking about my songs. So I think I have gone past that.”

Jon who entered the music limelight in 2008 is currently promoting the newly released music video of his single ‘Threesome.’ The audio version of ‘Threesome’ was released in March this year.

Watch the video below:



Source: ghonetv.com/Ghana/Stephen Adjorlolo

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