Men of God deserve a life of luxury – Sonnie Badu

Internationally acclaimed gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu has called on people to stop picking on men of God who allow themselves to enjoy the glitz and glamour of life.

Badu who is known for allowing himself to enjoy the little pleasures of life unlike the conservative colleague gospel musicians, last year spoilt his wife with a Porsche on her birthday.

Sharing his sentiments on the subject of luxurious living among church leaders and workers, Badu wrote on Facebook he sees nothing wrong with it.

“Luxury life in ministry is just the compensation that God gives you after long suffering , so any man of God that you see enjoying a bit of life don’t criticize, always find out the story behind the glory,” he wrote on facebook.

He said the things these men of God chose to flaunt, is in Glory of God’s kindness to them.

Adding “I knew he was with me when I use to sleep in cars, I knew he was with me when I was homeless, I knew my star would one day shine when my ex’s mum saw that broke boy and warned me never to step foot in their house, it was part of the test … so hang in there and let your heart be pure, you are next in line for a major breakthrough”.”


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