Mahama's New Year Message – SEE FULL TEXT

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Fellow Ghanaians My Brothers and Sisters It gives me great pleasure to join you in bidding farewell to 2015 and welcoming a new year.

This is a time for celebration, a time to express gratitude for the good fortune and blessings bestowed upon us throughout the course of this past year, not least of all, the blessings of good health and life itself. This is also a time for contemplation and analysis.

It is a time, as we move forward in our lives, to leave behind the setbacks and limitations of the past because with this New Year come new opportunities and the promises of limitless possibilities.

This is true not only for us as individuals but for us as a nation. 2015 was, in many ways, a challenging year.

There was growth, and there were numerous accomplishments, but we also experienced a number of setbacks and faced what, at the time, felt like limitations.

They were not altogether unexpected.

Indeed, I had asked you, the good citizens of Ghana, to exercise patience and to bear with us during the difficult periods.

Words cannot express how impressed and inspired I have been by the understanding, the strong support, and the consistent encouragement with which you responded.

Even the voices that were raised in disagreement or criticism spoke volumes of truth about your unwavering love of Ghana and our shared desire, despite whatever differing opinions on policies or methodologies, to see our nation progress. I applaud this steadfast patriotism.

Given the increasing unrest, terror and instability that is occurring throughout the world, your resolve to work together toward the implementation of long-term, sustainable solutions for the development of our beloved Ghana is all the more appreciated, and it is all the more necessary.

We are closer now, than ever before, to realizing the fruits of our patience. So let us not surrender our perseverance and the pride of nationalism to negativity or pessimism.

My Brothers and Sisters, Last year, as we ushered in 2015, I assured you that I was listening to your concerns, and I pledged to continue to listen.

I would continue to serve this country with the understanding that one of the hallmarks of democracy is the continuous communication between the people of a nation and their elected representatives.

I assure you once again today, as your President that each and every member of this Government is listening to your concerns, and is committed to working for the greater good of Ghana, and for the welfare of its people.

Each and every member of this Government will uphold the promises that have been made to you, the people whose interests we serve.

Those who fall short of that commitment have been, and will continue to be, asked to tender their resignations and relieved of their responsibilities. Ghana is not for one person, or one political party.

Ghana is not for some select group of people; Ghana is for all of us, for our children.

Ghana is for the future generations.

We should always remember that the actions and attitudes we take now—all of us, not merely those of us in Government—will determine the course of their fate.

Just as each of us is greeting the New Year with the intention of constructive change and the expectation of exciting new possibilities in our personal lives, let us also greet it with the same intentions and expectations in the life of our nation.

And let us go forward into 2016 with courage not caution, with optimism and a faith in our ability to achieve and succeed.

I wish all of you safe and joyous celebrations, and a 2016 that is filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.

May God continue to bless you and our homeland Ghana during this New Year, and always.

I thank you for your kind attention.

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