LOCAL MIDWIVES: Agordoe women turn nurses due to absence of health facility

The absence of a health post at Agordoe in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region has forced many women to act as midwives giving care to many pregnant women.

That is just one problem.

Another huge challenge is, anyone who falls sick in Agordoe has to be carried in a makeshift wooden structure across two rivers to access the nearest community healthcare.

reenactment1-agordoeThis is a re-enactment of what happens when a resident of Agorde in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region needs urgent medical treatment.

A makeshift wooden stretcher is pulled out to carry the sick on a tedious and perilous journey to the hospital.

To appreciate the journey to the nearest hospital which is several hours away, let’s first find out how the news team made it to Agordoe.

Agordoe is not easy as there are many hurdles to cross.

These two young boys who live in neighbouring town Torve, agreed to lead us to Agordoe.


With their support, we crossed the Tsigli River, which residents said was at its lowest point because of the dry season.

The real journey began when we navigated through the forest and on several farms, and slumped in muddy puddles all the way to Agordoe.


After walking for about thirty minutes, we had to across a second river, which was deeper than the first one.

Our guides had to support me cross the river, because at this point fear had completely engulfed me.

We thought we had seen it all, but we were wrong. We had to walk for more than thirty minutes before we saw the sight of the small community ahead, Agordoe in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region.


Now you appreciate the pain that patients have to endure in accessing medical treatment.

Because of lack a health post, pregnant women do not receive any antenatal care. Some women said their babies die before they are born or die at birth.

Pregnant woman in Agordoe
Pregnant woman in Agordoe

Old women including the queen mother of the area assist in delivering pregnant women.

Queen mother, Agordoe

Few of the pregnant women who spoke to the news team said they have no option but to resort to traditional birth attendants, because they fear trekking long distances to cross rivers and access hospitals.


Agordoe is deprived. The community has poor access to potable water.

school-agordoeThe only school constructed there is not functional because no teacher wants to live in the community.


But in all the penury, posters and flags of almost all the political parties contesting in the upcoming elections have littered the town of Agordoe.

Unfortunately, residents of Agordoe have not linked voting to delivery of social services by government. So they only queue to vote and have failed to hold politicians accountable.

Samuel Kpodo the Unit Committee Secretary of Agordoe, tells GHOne News politicians do not come to their town to campaign rather have agents including him, who campaign for them in the town.

Watch the full report in the video above.


Report filed by Alice Aryeetey of the GHOne Newsroom.