LAW EXAMS LEAKAGE: Group blames leak on poor administration of legal education

A group calling itself Concerned LLB Holders is blaming the exams leakage on poor administration of legal education in Ghana. It is therefore calling on government to completely reform legal education in GHANA. Their call comes on the back of the alleged leakage of the just ended entrance examination into the Ghana School of Law. In a statement read by Nii Adokwei Codjoe, a representative of the concerned LLB holders, the group aired their views on what they termed as a miscarriage of justice. They outlined two major reasons why they felt the examination had been poorly conducted, and the basis of their calls for cancellation of the examination.

The group named a number of bodies they were expecting to take initiatives to ensure total reform of legal education. They further called on the president to invoke his constitutional rights to constitute a commission of inquiry into the administration of legal education in the country.