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Korle Bu senior staff sue management

Members of the Senior Staff Association of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital have dragged the hospital’s management to court.

The senior staff have said their action was advised by a decision by management to sanction them illegally.

The association had accused the hospital’s board and new CEO of mismanaging its finances.

According to them, the mismanagement has caused a shortages in drugs and other essentials an allegation the CEO and his executives have denied.

They further dragged all five executive members of the senior staff association before the hospital’s disciplinary committee.

But the executives under the leadership of Charles Ofei-Palm in a quest to seek justice have prayed the court to among other things, declare the disciplinary procedure against them null and void.

They want the court to “restrain the defendants, their agents etc from convening a board meeting of any kind and decide on recommendations or matters submitted to them by the Disciplinary Committee in relation to alleged misconduct perpetrated by the plaintiffs.”

“Restrain the defendants, their agents etc from awarding any sanctions orally or in writing against the plaintiffs or in their personal capacities by way of warning, suspension, freezing of salary, dismissal or any other sanction of whatever description prescribed by the code of conduct of GHS.”

They are also seeking the court to declare a perpetual injunction “restraining the defendants from victimizing and harassing executive of plaintiffs in the discharge of their normal duties at KBTH.”

“A declaration that the entire proceedings of the purported disciplinary committee hearing should be quashed.”

“Damage for waste of productive working hours of the executive body of plaintiffs.”


Source: ghonetv.com/Ghana

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