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Knife, cane-wielding thugs beat up teachers at St. John’s School

A group of six bulky-looking young men Tuesday stormed the compound of the St. John’s 1 and 2 Primary and Junior High School in Accra New Town to beat up teachers after a student was punished.

Students had to run helter-skelter for their lives as the heavily built men went berserk battering anyone on sight.

It was a scene of pandemonium and utter confusion on the compound of the St John’s 1 and 2 Primary and JHS as the men dashed about the school’s compound looking for teachers to beat up.

According to an eyewitness, the pupil in question, after being freed by her teacher, run home and returned in the company of the bulky men, suspected to be her brothers, who then unleashed terror on the teachers.

Speaking on Starr Today Margaret Ahiagble, the teacher responsible for the pupil, said the rampaging men also had knives and threatened to stab them.

“We had to run for cover… we couldn’t call the police. It was the people around who managed to get the police,” she said.

Ahiagble told host Bernard Nasara Saibu that her life is in danger and there was no way she could “return to the school” because “they know me.”

She said she sustained a lot of injuries including her colleagues and appealed for a transfer to spare her life.

The Ghana Education Service has described the act as “unfortunate.”

The Nima Divisional Police Commander ACP Nuhu Jango has assured the teachers that a patrol team has been dispatched to the area to protect lives.

He said: “We have some videos and we promise you that we’ll come at them. We have been able to identify five of them. We’ll get them.”


Source: starrfmonline.com



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