Children in Jamestown, an innercity of the Greater Accra region are missing out on Education. They have been compelled to make a living by fishing instead of being in school.
According to them, their parents cannot afford their school fees.


Located directly east of the Korle Lagoon, Jamestown and Usshertown are two the oldest communities in the country, the two communities are famous for fishing generating employment for many residents
However, a worrying trend in the community over the years, has been the lack of interest in education by children in the two communities.
Many children here rather prefer fishing to schooling.

Many claim their parents are unable to pay their school fees hence their decision to fish. For others, they prefer fishing to schooling because fishing is the main occupation of their parents and they would like to assist them.

Interestingly, parents of some of these children refused to speak to us when approached by the news team.
UNICEF report released in May , 2018 indicates that nearly, 500,000 children in Ghana of school going age are drop outs , and children in JAMES Town forms part of the numbers.