A community information center also doubling as an ICT center put up for residents of Manhean has been abandoned and left to rot for close to a decade after it was completed.

Students and residents of Manhean and its environs spend extra cash to travel all the way to Amasaman access ICT services while a similar facility sit idle after despite the millions of cedis spent by government to construct it. Manhean is a community in the Ga West Municipal Assembly, a community whose people have to travel a distance to access information technology services although the community has a structure for such purposes.

In 2009 the ministry of communication commenced a project to provide an information technology center for the community.

It was superintended by then former MP for the area, ERNEST ATTUQUAYE ARMAH, who late President Mills appointed deputy communications minister in 2011.

And so residents of Manhean and adjoining communities were hopeful the project would see the light of day.

Now fast forward to 2018, the completed structure has become nothing but a white elephant for the past seven years after completion.

The facility made up of eight rooms was supposed to serve as an ict center to train the youth of the community in information technology and also double as a post office..

The walled facility is under lock and key but that does not stop people from getting access to the rooms since various doors remain unlocked.

The compound has been swallowed by weeds whiles the rooms are lined with cobwebs and dust

The furniture provided in hopes of getting the place ready for use also are being battered by dust.

But the Municipal Chief Executive Clement Wilkinson says all is not lost. He assured the place will be put to its intended use by end of August this year. But the area’s assembly man has serious doubts. He laments all his efforts to get the completed facility commissioned has gone to the winds. Some residents who shared their displeasure suggested the place be converted into a police station instead of merely being left to rot. As technological advancement spreads to every corner of the globe and goal 9 of the SDG’s targeting industry innovation and infrastructure to promote technology for economic growth and development, Ghana