I am inspired by Ghanaian youth's quest for change – Awuku

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Undoubtedly 2015 was a difficult year for every Ghanaian and there’s no evidence backed assurance from the NDC government that 2016 will be any better.

But i am inspired by the determination of many young Ghanaians to MOBILISE for CHANGE by ORGANISING for Nana Addo.

The 2016 elections presents us with a very unique opportunity to reverse the current trend of hopelessness and joblessness.

Victory for the NPP will afford entrepreneurs and start ups a new dawn in their quest to provide employment for many young Ghanaians as well as growing and expanding their businesses.

A victory for Nana Addo in 2016 will also mark a new beginning from the current unprecedented level of corruption and high unemployment to the normal life of employment and decent living.

Fellow youth, the 2016 elections is about our collective future and so we must own the campaign of Nana Addo/Alhaji Bawumia.

Let us resist the temptation of leaving the campaign for just the NPP and its leadership. The only way the Youth of Ghana can collectively secure the future of this nation is to aggressively Mobilise for Change by harnessing the strength in our numbers to produce the next Leader for our Country.

In the coming days, the Youth wing of the NPP from National through the Regions, Constituencies and polling stations will be making a clarion call on you to GET INVOLVED in its Youth Campaign dubbed: “ARISE GHANA YOUTH FOR CHANGE”.

If you are unemployed this
is the best opportunity to voice out your frustrations by being a volunteer for the CHANGE we NEED. If you are employed, it is clear the
current economic conditions cannot guarantee you
continuous employment.
Join the youth campaign and deliver the votes in your neighbourhood.

To my hardworking polling station, constituency and Regional Youth Organisers, this is the time to open up to new friends and welcome new souls into our fold whiles providing the servant leadership that is required of us all.

To the many youth and professional groups i commend you for a good job done in 2015. Looking forward to working with you again this year which promises to crown our efforts with success.
With DETERMINATION and VIGILANCE we shall make history together on November 7.

We did it together in the year 2000 and we can equally do it again for mother Ghana in 2016.

Just as Nana Addo has said, Don’t Give up on Ghana.
Lets Mobilise for CHANGE,
Lets Organise for Nana Addo Lets Deliver the Votes in our neighbourhood. Be a Volunteer for Change.

Remember We Cannot Afford to Fail the Masses in 2016.

In the spirit of the season i wish you all a HAPPY and Prosperous New Year.
God Bless you all.

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