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Government will employ more nurses – Dr Bampoe

The honorable deputy minister of health Dr Victor Asare Bampoe has clarified that trained nurses shall not be faced with unemployment due to a recent action by the MOH to review trainee allowances to student loans and subsequently revoke student bonds.

He explained, that it will be wrong for the MOH to continue bonding students since the ministry has reviewed its allowances previously allocated trainee health professionals.

”In the past, health trainees were bonded for an average of five years which restricted them from taking advantage of opportunities for further studies and taking up job opportunities”

”It is also important to state that because the student allowances were stopped, it would be wrong to bond trainees”. Dr Bampoe said.

He stressed that, the ministry is looking forward to engage more dedicated and qualified health personnel to fill the numerous vacancies to be created in the numerous new health facilities – seven (7) District Hospitals under the NMS Built to Care program, eight (8) district hospitals by Euroget, the Ridge expansion project, the Teaching Hospitals expansion project and the 1,000 CHPS compounds throughout Ghana.

The deputy minister of health was speaking at the 2016 Annual general selection meeting of the conference of heads of health training institutions, which was taking place in Winneba.

The meeting sought to deliberate on the selection procedure for admitting qualified candidates into the health training institutions, develop a policy framework and address the quota system of admissions.


Source: MoH



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