‘Ghana can work again’ – Dzorgbenuku

The Progressive People’s Party vice Presidential candidate Brigitte Dzorgbenuku has said she and flagbearer Papa Kwesi Nduom can influence change that would lead Ghana back to what it used to be, complementarily.

The executive director of Mentoring Women Ghana, told a group of party members, sympathisers and the media when she was unveiled as the party’s 2016 Vice Presidential candidate Thursday August 4, the Ghana she knew has been destroyed.

According to her, the “high levels” of corruption among other things would be brought to an end under a PPP government.

“I am a Ghanaian who believes Ghana can work again, without high levels of corruption, wastefulness, selfishness and misappropriation of taxpayer’s money,” she told the gathering.

She said she makes a perfect fit for the Veep position.

“So if you ask why me, my answer remains as above – I am a Ghanaian who like you desperately wants change.

“I am a Ghanaian who has seen better days and better times and therefor knows what we are capable of and deserve better” she stated.

Dzogbenuku who is also a member of Occupy Ghana, a group with a dedicated membership critical of government and its dealings said she wants to play a more integral role in freeing Ghanaians from their current state of agony.

“We have done better in the past and we can do that again and more with the right kind of leadership.

“But I realize change is not going to come by my sitting behind my laptop or tapping away at my phone everyday expressing my displeasure and frustration at how poor Ghana has become”.