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Doscar Group Holdings Executive chairman Oscar Yao Doe honoured in Nigeria

Executive Chairman of the Doscar Group Holdings, Oscar Yao Doe, goes beyond Ghana, he has been honoured by the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria. The Association said the Ghanaian, whose luxury car rental company, Eurostar Global Limousine, is headquartered in Nigeria, has made outstanding contributions to the fashion industry there. It, therefore,

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‘Akpɛtɛshie seller give me quarter’… For the love of one tot: Alcohol consumption in Ghana

Under a shade at the Dansoman-Glefe lorry station in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, a group of middle-aged men sit slothfully as they inch closer to settling on an available diversion to validate their week-day nothingness. It has gone past the morning rush hour and the yells from bus conductors for commuters

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