Fuel prices go up by 27%

Petroleum products have been increased by 27 percent effective today, Monday January 4.

The latest increment has become necessary following the passage of the Energy Sector Levy by Parliament last month. The increase margin is one of the biggest in recent times.

A gallon of petrol at some fuel stations now sells at about Ghc15.40 and 15. 80 pesewas with diesel going for Ghc14.50 and 14. 60 pesewas.

The Energy Sector Levy was introduced in Parliament on Monday, December 21 by the Finance Minister and passed after two days.

If government had not introduced the recent levy, diesel would have rather gone down by 10 percent.

Petrol would have been reduced by some 5.5 percent per liter at the pumps but the levy has triggered an increase by at least 27 percent.

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