From working as a Kayayoo to graduating Ashesi University Teni Agana graces Spark Magazine

Last year, the story about the young girl who used to be a kayayoo but managed to graduate from Ashesi University became famous. The story of Teni Agana was featured on Television stations, radio stations and even on stages outside Ghana as an inspirational story of hope, persistence and ambition.

From working in Kumasi market as a kayeye to save money for school, Teni successfully elevated herself beyond all her challenges and completed one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. At the school’s graduation, she had the chance of greeting the President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo.

Teni’s story is told again in Spark Magazine; this time narrating the chronicles of events which led to her finally attending AshesI University and a lot more. Now a philanthropist and activist, Teni is featured on the front page of the magazine. The feature graces three pages in the magazine’s pages.

The first print edition of Spark magazine also features King Promise, Tulenkey and a host of young people from entertainment and business sectors. The magazine also features thought pieces, human interest stories and interesting content on campus life.

The magazine also has an augmented reality feature which makes it possible for viewers to scan the pages of the magazine after downloading the Point and Play app to watch videos.

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