‘Forgive’ not a response to sextape scandal – Itz Tiffany

She began her comeback after a sextape storm with a hit track ‘Forgive’.

Ghanaian singer, Itz Tiffany, who went into hibernation in the United States to fix her tattered image, says though she was hardly hit by the scandal, the song released in July 2015 was only a reflection of her mood and not directed at people who hurt her.

In 2014, Itz Tiffany, born Antoinette Tiffany Owusu, was hit by what could be termed one of the biggest scandals in the Ghanaian entertainment industry as recording of a sex video with her estranged boyfriend were leaked on the internet.

“Forgive them? the song explains itself. Everybody can relate to it but in my situation at that point in time, it was just like things happen so just forget it and move on. The lyrics of the song says it all,” she told Berla Mundi on #RythmzLive Monday.

“When I dropped the song, I didn’t do a lot [to promote it]. I just did the video and released it. The feedback was strong. People listened to the lyrics and it touched them.”

Itz Tiffany clarified: “I don’t see that as a response. I’m an artiste; that’s my work so my music speaks for me. Any song that I do is [about] things that I go through. So if I’m happy, I would do a happy song and if I’m sad, I would do a sad song. At that point in time, that was how I felt.”

The ‘Fake London Boy’ hitmaker has released yet a new music video recorded with Nigeria’s Dammykrane titled ‘Give Them’.


Source: ghonetv.com/Ghana

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