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Election 2016: Voting ends, counting begins


Wednesday’s polls have been closed across the country officially by the Electoral Commission.

The polls opened at exactly 7am at majority of the polling centers except for a few centers, paramount among which was the Jaman North Constituency where there were some disagreement over the voter transfer list which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) claimed was bloated by over 30 names.

The elections in that constituency were not held by close of polls.

Meanwhile at polling stations where voting took place, voters are waiting to observe the counting process, some frantically.

Various international observers have said they were content with the process.

The United States Ambassador when went through a number of polling centers in Accra told GHOne TV the turnout was “ solid” as the process was smooth.

The head of the European Union’s observer mission Tamas Meszerics has also commended Ghanaians saying everything they have observed so far has indicated a strong sense of professionalism on the side of the Electoral Commission and the people of Ghana.

The polls took place at 28,992 polling centers in 275 constituencies short of one [Jaman North], with 148,000 EC officials with 64,000 security personnel supervising the entire exercise across the country.






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