What is your ideal family size? Well, let me help you. your response should be at most five, that is you, your partners and three children. That could be the only option if plans by the population council hold good. The council is planning to enforce a policy to cap the number of children couples have in their lifetime.

Population is the most valuable resource of any nation. In some cases however, it could be a liability when any particular nation fails to manage it efficiently. Ghana’s population is now estimated at 29.6 million, grown by more than 23 million people since the country attained independence in 1957, when its population was only about six million.

The National Population Council has predicted that the population is likely to double 28 years from now at the current annual growth rate of 2.5 percent.

The Council is therefore pushing for the enforcement of a policy that will allow couples to give birth to a maximum of three children as a resolute measure to control population growth.

Article 37 Clause 4 of the Fourth Republican Constitution of 1992, enjoins government to maintain a population policy consistent with the aspirations, development needs and objectives of Ghana, and to ensure that population issues are given the prominence they deserve in the country’s development plans and programmes which is why the population council is swinging into action to save Ghana from a population explosion. Implementing the policy itself perhaps may likely not be challenging. A section of the public who spoke to us will by all means give the policy their backing. If just maybe you plan on violating policy once it is implemented. Well, it could be hard on the policy makers. Nonetheless, Senior Population Officer At The National Population Council says there will be no sanctions for prolific baby making couples.