CLOSED FISHING SEASON: Fish lovers express worry of eating without protein

Some lovers of fish and food vendors in Accra are unhappy about the decision by the fisheries ministries to close fishing for the next one month

According to them the closed fishing season will have a negative effect on their lives as they would have to eat without protein.

For six years, Nene Kabu has been advised by his doctor to stay away from eating meat.

He told me this was as a result of some aliment he suffered years ago.

The only protein food he eats now is fish.

He lamented that the closed fishing season will affect his style of eating as he hardly patronises fishes from the cold store. Meanwhile, most food vendors in Accra rely on fish from the sea to serve their customers.

Here at Abease, a popular fufu joint at Adabraka in the Greater Accra region, people were ready to be served as at 9am when the news team got there.

Beatrice Oklah, the owner of Abease fufu joint said, most of her customers prefer fish to meat and the one month long closed fishing season will affect their market. She explained, the lack of fishing from the sea will even affect the taste of their food.

Here at big mama food joint at Adabakra, the owner of the joint Comfort Wayo lamented how the closed season will drive away her customers. At Agbogbloshie, fish mongers were busy at work selling their wares.

They told me most of the dry fishes they have on the market are imported goods as it is difficult to get fresh ones from the sea even though the closed season has not begun.

The fishing closed season is scheduled to begin on August 7 and end on September 4, 2018.