The challenge of many farmers in the Northern region for years is the acquisition of loans to invest in their occupation. During the drought season, many farmers are impoverished and are not able to take care of their families.

Gradually things are beginning to change for farmers in Gushegu municipality of the Northern region. Through the ‘Savings for Transformation’ intervention by World Vision, farmers are now able to save in a group and acquire loans to invest in their business whenever they need. In a remote part of Salaa in the Gushegu municipality, Musa Sumani tends to his farm. The farming season is such a busy period for him but over the years he has struggled to derive maximum profit to meet the needs of his family.

Musa says acquiring loans to invest in the farm has been a major challenge but after joining the ‘Savings for Transformation’ group introduced by World Vision three years ago, he is now able to secure loans to invest in his farm. On this 10 acre farm, he has planted yam on 4 acres. The remaining six has been ploughed and ready for maize and cow pea.

In Musa’s home, he shows us these bags of maize which he has stored from the last farming season to prove to us how he has indeed benefited from the ‘Savings For Transformation’ group.

The woes of many farmers in rural communities in the Northern region is the difficulty in securing loans to invest in agriculture and how to adopt best farming practices to derive maximum benefit.

Agriculture Extension Officer at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the Gushegu municipality, Kojo Inusah explains how they help farmers in these communities to sign up for the module. The worst period for farmers in these rural communities is the drought season. The dams available get dry and it becomes difficult to get water to irrigate the farms. Even households struggle to get water.

In a move to help sustain food security in the impoverished communities, World vision is investing in the creation of dry season vegetable gardens such as this which has a poly thank. And a drip irrigation mechanism attached. A wind of livelihood empowerment is blowing in far reaching communities within the Gushegu municipality. Farmers like Musa are now living a better life because the adoption of a savings habit is impacting their lives.