Bimbila: Police recover “stolen” baby; arrest two

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Police in the Nanumba North district in the Northern region have found the four-day-old baby girl stolen at the Bimbila government hospital Friday dawn.

Two persons have also been picked up to assist with investigation.

The suspects are 42-year-old Nanyim Nakwaja, and Samira, 21, who are natives of Kunkuna, a suburb of Bimbila.

DSP Benjamin Aniah who confirmed to Starr News said the baby was found in the hands of Samira by some community members.

According to Starr News sources, the first suspect Nanyim Nakwaja, a konkomba woman stole the baby from the hospital and handed it over to Samira.

Sources say Samira was tasked to kill the child because the baby had a deformity and it was seen as bad omen in the Konkomba tradition to give birth to a deformed baby.

Police is yet to establish whether parents of the baby have a connection to the suspects but the police commander in an earlier interview with Starr News said the mother of the baby didn’t look worried.

The four-day-old baby went missing in bizarre circumstances at the maternity ward of the Bimbilla Government Hospital.

The mother of the baby, Tinam Bechebilambi from a village called Juhanayili said she woke up Friday dawn to breastfeed her baby only to find an empty cot next to her.

Source: Tanko