Bank Crisis: Christians Must Shut Up Over Otabil – Duncan-Williams By Kwame Acheam

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has cautioned Christians to shush over the plight of the ICGC founder Dr. Mensa Otabil.

Dr. Otabil has been heavily criticised over his role that led to the collapse of Capital Bank.

Despite his claim that he was not an executive board chair of the defunct bank, critics insist he cannot be absolved of blame.

Commenting on the development at church, the charismatic preacher told Christians not to join the rest of the world to condemn his colleague preacher.

“The situation with Dr Mensah Otabil, I want to caution every Christian to shut your mouth. Number two, the Bible says judge not and you may not be judged. So shut your mouths, stop talking about things you don’t understand. Somebody asked me what do you think and I said I don’t think anything, I don’t understand, I don’t know the details so let the authorities handle the situation. Don’t talk too much Christians, you talk too much. Shut your mouth…tell somebody to shut your big mouth.

“Now, I’m saying that to Christians, as for unbelievers and the heathens they have the right to talk, their day will come. But for us Christians we are under God’s Constitution,”  he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Otabil has said he has submitted himself to the law enforcement agencies as they investigate the collapse of the local bank.

“Since the takeover of the bank exactly a year ago today, various mandated state institutions have been investigating and working to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of what happened, why it happened and who was responsible for what. I have been invited by EOCO and I have submitted myself to their processes and answered all their questions faithfully.

“Meanwhile, as a believer in the rule of law, I will continue to cooperate with the mandated institutions of state as they complete their investigations. I am confident that in the process, the national interest and the rights of all parties involved will be protected,” Dr. Otabil pointed out in a statement.

Dr. Otabil noted some decisions “did not turn out as well as had been anticipated” when Capital Bank was in operation, however, he stressed he was not in charge of the daily “management and operations of the Bank.”

However, he noted: “As far as I can tell, everything was done with the best of intentions and the interest of various stakeholders in mind.”

Describing the collapse of the bank as “unforeseen outcomes,” the preacher emphasized: “I remain resolute in my belief in the Ghanaian and African entrepreneurial spirit. I will therefore continue to lend my support and mentorship to inspire others who dare to dream and work towards the promise of Africa’s growth and transformation.”

Source: Ghana/