Attorney General deserves a national honour – Mahama

Formey Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong represented Ghana

President John Mahama has described as “phenomenal” the work done by Ghana’s Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong in saving the country from undertaking million-dollar judgement debt payment.

Accordng to him, it makes her deserving of a “national honour.”

The President said this in response to a question during his appearance on the GBC-organized Presidential Encounters Wednesday night on criticisms of the Attorney General’s handling of the retrieval of a GH¢51.2million wrongfully paid to businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome as judgement debt.

“I think the Attorney General has done a phenomenal job. If you look at the amount of money she’s saved us from judgement debt, that lady deserves a national honour. …She’s saved this country nearly a billion dollars in judgement debts by fighting and contesting every case,” he stated.

President Mahama continued: “This Woyome case is one that has taken the Attorney General’s time and she has pursued this case relentlessly.”

He bemoaned how he was recently dragged into the AG’s decision to discontinue an oral examination application for Woyome stating some allegations have been made against his person for the “purposes of political propaganda”.

“Recently, she [Attorney General] put in an application to do an oral examination of Woyome but at the same time, discussions had been ongoing in respect of settlement and so before that happened a term for settlement was granted and so she went to the Supreme Court to discontinue the oral examination so that she could look at the terms of settlement and see if it was acceptable or meet with his lawyers and agree on what the terms were with the option to come back in the event that she was not satisfied with the terms.”

“I mean that is a practice in law and then somebody says it is the President who asked her to discontinue. We have people who are just willing to publish any allegations against the person of the president and there are all kinds of false claims, allegations and things. Sometimes, you read and get disheartened but you are elected to do a job and so I take heart despite all these claims and allegations… most of them downright falsehood for purposes of political propaganda,” President Mahama added.