Accra Psychiatric Hospital nurses call off strike

Nurses at the Accra Psychiatric nurses have called off their strike action effective Monday November 7, 2016.

The nurses, who make up about 70% of the workforce at the mental health facility, had been on the action since Monday October 31 stating they were “resorting to safety as the law demands because they are allowed by law to take the precaution if they feel in danger.”

The nurses tell GHOne TV that they are resuming work following assurances from Health Minister Alex Segbefia to meet their demands.

Nurses at the Accra Psychiatric hospital had for several weeks, bemoaned the poor conditions and a lack of drugs for patients.

Following meetings with the National Labour Commission (NLC) on November 2 and the Ministry of Health, the nurses were ordered to resume duties while the Ministry fulfils its part of the bargain as agreed.

The Health Ministry subsequently announced releasing a cheque of GHc300,000 and procured GHc100,000 worth of drugs to the hospital.

Spokesperson for the nurses, Philemon Anto had told GHOne News in an interview on Friday that they “were in need of basic logistics to prevent infection and as well drugs to sedate patients.”

He further revealed that the NLC had instructed the Health Ministry to provide drugs which will last for a period of two months for the facility.

Meanwhile, in a bid to decongest the facility to enable it feed and give proper care to patients, the authorities at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital have decided to send home almost 40 patients on Monday.