I nearly blew up Anas’ head with a pistol – Wontumi

According to him, the undercover journalist in 2013 tried to blackmail and extort an amount of $500,000 from him, an action which got him pissed off and nearly led him to take the life of Anas.

Anas, ahead of his latest investigative piece which focuses on rot in Ghana football which is set to be premiered on June 6, 2018, has come under heavy attack from maverick politician and MP for Assin Central Ken Agyapong who has gone to the extent of publicly showing what he says is the biodata in Anas passport, adding that he’s taken that action because of his opposition to Anas’ mode of operation which he thinks is “unfair.”

Chairman Wontumi shares the same views as Ken Agyapong concerning Anas, saying the latter baits his victims with money, secretly records them when they fall for it and publishes the recordings to tarnish their image.

The dreaded journalist who was publicly praised by former US President Barak Obama is said to use over 150 prosthetics to conceal his true identity while he undertakes undercover operations.

But in an interview, Chairman Wontumi stated that Anas is a shady character whose credibility is in doubt and must not be overly praised as is being down currently.

“Anas is a questionable character, he’s blackmailed lots of people for his parochial gains, myself I’m a victim of his bad deeds. Anas approached me claiming he works with the Internal Revenue Service and that I show produce my tax returns which I obliged giving him all the necessary documents. Anas insisted that what I gave him was not the right documents, after he’d left two of his boys returned to me and informed me that if I want my peace of mind, then I should give the $100,000. Later I met Anas at A& C Shopping Mall where he demanded that I give him $500,000 and I asked him why? because I do legitimate business and so I don’t see the need to pay him bribe. He kept threatening me that I’ve I don’t give him the may he’ll ensure I land in trouble and I won’t know peace. 

“Because he kept pestering me and in 2013, I pulled a pistol on him at the A&C Shopping Mall at East Legon where he’d come with some police officers and I warned him not to joke with me otherwise I’ll blow up his head.”